Sony Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3

Sony MHSFS3 Bloggie 3D HD Pocket Camcorder Reviews

"If you are realistic about your expectations for a product that costs virtually £200 then you will not go wrong with this little gem! The quality of the recording and the user interface, build quality and layout are all top notch."
HVC, Amazon customer

"Had this for less than a week and it has certainly exceeded my expectations! The HD footage is superb when viewed on my 46 inch TV via a mini HDMI cable - colour and clarity both spot on. The sound is good too." customer

"The Sony 3D Bloggie MHS-FS3 pocket camcorder is one of the tiniest 3D-capable video cameras yet. And, like a growing number of handheld devices, its LCD plays back your 3D footage without the need for glasses."
Popular Mechanics

"It’s hard not to be impressed with the Bloggie 3D, and especially the 2.4-inch glasses-free (auto-stereoscopic) 3D display. It’s the coolest feature I’ve ever seen on a pocket camcorder to date and presented a genuine “wow” moment when I first saw it in action. The 3D Bloggie really the first buzz-worthy pocket camcorder I’ve encountered since the original Flip turned heads... If you have to have the coolest gadgets on the block, pick one up."
Jamison Cush,

"Sony is bringing 3D moviemaking to the mainstream with the Bloggie 3D – a pocket camcorder that's filled with innovative technology. While Sony hasn't perfected all it sets out to do with the Bloggie 3D, it gives it an admirable go."
Marc Chacksfield,

"I must say for a £200 device that does 1080p 3d, it's impressive. I just imported the SBS mp4 files and played them on my Dune 3.0 on my 55" c8000, and they looked really good, 3d effect was great, to me anyway. No, it doesn't have any zoom or anything else to adjust, but for a mobile phone size pocket camera which so happens to shoot 3d, it's not half bad at all. It'll certainly be going on holiday this year."
rolandrat on AV Forum

"You gotta love the size and form factor of the Bloggie 3D. It’s smaller and lighter than our smartphone, so it was easy carrying it everywhere. The camcorder starts up in about three seconds… The Bloggie 3D, like The Flip, is easy to use, with barely a reason to crack open the manual, which is supplied as a PDF. Since this really is a point-and-shoot, the camera handles all adjustments. Frame your shot, press the shutter half way and it fires when a green dot appears. Occasionally, the Bloggie 3D didn’t grab focus quickly but moving it slightly did the trick."

"This camera breaks the mold and is a great beginner camera for anyone who does not want to invest a large amount of money into a great camera. For all its features, the Sony MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Video Camera is one of the top of the line 3D cameras that is sure to excite 3D camera enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy the cinematic effects of a much more expensive camera."
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